Call for Researchers/Content writers & Editors at Academia Sirus, A research venture of Aspirant India Initiative

Call for Researchers/Content writers & Editors at Academia Sirus, A research venture of Aspirant India Initiative

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Aspirant India Initiative has started a new research venture by the name of Academia Sirius and we are inviting our first batch of Researchers/Content Writers and Editors for the same.

About Academia Sirius

Academia Sirius is a multidisciplinary research venture under the umbrella of Aspirant India Initiative with an aim to promote research and writing skills between the youth and address issues that are uncomfortable to talk about in the daily parlance. This is in furtherance of our main goal at Aspirant India Initiative, which is to provide quality education and use unconventional, state of the art methods to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We in all our humble endeavours attempt to help one build perspective, personality and broaden their spectrum of thought.

Academia Sirius as a venture devoted to research aims to bring to you a range of academic articles, essays, and blog posts, written by individuals who are committed towards aiming their research and writing skills and interests into a social-action centred course. 

Content available currently at the website

Despite being a very nascent project, we have worked tirelessly to build our content base and we are proud to bring to you blog posts and articles on some topics mentioned below:

  • Feasibility of Uniform Civil Code – Being a secular and very diverse country, this blog discusses the possible outcomes that can be a result of the implementation of a Uniform Civil Code in India.

  • Has COVID 19 impacted the credibility of WHO? – In light of recent events and WHO ignoring Taiwan’s warnings about Coronavirus, this blog discusses the impact that this pandemic has had on the credibility of the organisation as a whole.

  • Is racism ingrained in society? – In the backdrop of the Black Lives Matter movement, this blog post evaluates the emergence and entrenchment of racism in the very basics of our society.

  • The Effects of Modern Socialization on The Mental Health of the Average Individual – In light of mental health issues faced by individuals in the backdrop of virtual or modern socialisation, this blog post elaborates upon the effect of that on an average person and their mental health.

  • The Plague of Challenges Faced by the World’s Largest Democracy – This blog post evaluates upon the issues faced by India as the world’s largest democracy after almost 73 years of attaining independence.

  • Is Aarogya Setu a necessary evil? – Considering the privacy concerns that came in light because of the Aarogya Setu application, this blog post evaluates the necessity of the same.
  •  No man’s land and the road ahead – In the backdrop of the tense situation and relationship of India and China, this blog post ventures into an international perspective and root of this issue.

Call for Researchers/Content Writers and Editors

In furtherance of our mission at Aspirant India Initiative and Academia Sirius, we are opening applications for interested candidates to work with Academia Sirius at the post of Researchers/Content Writers and Editors.

Tenure – 1 month

This is a virtual internship.

Eligibility for Researcher/Content Writer:

a)  Class XII Pass outs, Graduation students or above and academicians can apply.

b) An inclination towards research and writing is a necessity. No prior writing experience is necessary. Proficiency in English and writing skills are a must.

Roles and Responsibilities of Researcher/Content Writer

a) Conduct thorough research and write blog posts or articles on the given topics as per the guidelines given.

b) Suggest topics on relevant social issues for the purpose of research.

Eligibility for Editors

a) Well versed with Microsoft Word and using track changes and other editing tools.

b) Proficiency and command over English language.

c) Con comprehend and interpret the coherence of a document.

Roles and responsibilities of Editors

a) Edit and review the drafts of blogs allotted according to the guidelines decided upon.

b) May or may not have prior experience of editing but proficiency over the language and punctuality towards adherence of deadlines is a necessary requirement.

Perks that you will receive

a) The opportunity to get your ideas and writings published on the Academia Sirius website.

b) A Letter of Recommendation elaborating the work done during the tenure of the internship.

c) The best 5 blogs from the blogs uploaded in a month will get a Certificate of Appreciation and will be featured on our website as well as the Aspirant India Initiative Instagram page.

(Selection of best 5 blogs will be the final decision and sole discretion of the Editorial Board of Academia Sirius)

Application Process

To apply for the post of Researcher/Content Writer and/or Editor, kindly email us your Resume along with a cover letter at We will get in touch with the shortlisted candidates. Alternatively, you can also apply by visiting the Opportunities Section on our website:  

Application Deadline

The application for both Researcher/Content Writer and Editors is open only till 29th July, 2020, so apply now!

Feel free to contact us in case of any further information needed.

We hope to see your participation in our latest venture